Hi! I'm Lok1!

My name is Phuong Anh (yes, that is my first name, both of them, so please don't call me with just "Phuong" ;v;), I go by Lok1 Blue Lemonade as my penname, or Lok1_Blue for short. I’m a Vietnamese illustrator currently living in Canada. I aim to give whoever views my illustrations a little adventure into the worlds and stories I have created by using a mix of traditional media and digital media. I have always been interested in how people interpret things they see, what stories they can come up from just looking at an image. That’s why I mainly left my illustrations open for interpretation, for my audience to complete the story I started.

I also do small streams on Fridays and weekend nights on Twitch as VTuber/PNGTuber Lok1_Blu3. I mainly do drawing streams but I also stream games sometimes.


Illustrate a music video/album

Illustrate a novel/light novel

Illustrate for a game

Publish an artbook

Find my goal in life

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